MWM gas gensets for UK water suppliers

The UK distribution partner of decentralized power equipment supplier MWM, Edina UK, has concluded a multi-year contract with Anglian Water, and several projects for Welsh Water to provide gas-powered generators to operate at water treatment sites.

The order for Welsh Water comprises the delivery of complete container gensets for four large advanced thermal digestion projects at Eign, Wrexham, Cardiff, and Afan, with a total generator output of more than 10 MWe.

Edina UK received the second order, for power generation from sewage gas from Anglian Water, under the AMPS5 programme. The contract provides for the supply of container gensets over a period of five years. The first six were commissioned in early 2011.

Mannheim, Germany-based MWM, which manufactures gas-powered generators, says that its innovative gas engines are noted for their high-efficiency, proven reliability and low maintenance.

The Edina Group has a track record in design, construction, and long-term operation of gas engines powered by various types of gas, including sewage gas.

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