Tokyo to build independent energy network

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has adopted a policy to build a decentralized and self-supporting energy network that does not rely on the power generation and transmission facilities of the Tokyo Electric Power Company.

The plan envisages the installation of a cogeneration facility with a total output of 47 MW on the reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay and setting up an independent transmission network, which would make it possible to supply power to affected areas in times of natural disasters or other emergencies.

According to the plan developed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, it will start the operation of a 16 MW-scale cogeneration facility (7.8 MW x 2 units) in fiscal 2014 and supply power to nearby port facilities and public buildings through a transmission network owned by the government.

It also aims to build and start operating an additional 31 MW scale cogeneration capacity (7.8 MW x 4 units) by the end of fiscal 2015. The business classification will be power producer and supplier (PPS). Heat produced through the cogeneration process will be supplied to offices and other buildings.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government plans to invite the participation of private power producers in the construction and operation of its power plant.

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