Cogeneration, also known as Combined Heat & Power (CHP), is an inherently high-efficiency family of technologies to use fossil or renewable fuels to supply energy locally. Heat, power and cooling energy can be supplied to users ranging from individual homes up to large industrial sites and even areas of cities.

Cogeneration/CHP Latest News

Combined heat and power - flue gas desulphurisation

FGD upgrade for Lodz cogeneration plant

27/02/2015 Veolia and Alstom have signed a turnkey contract for the construction of a co...
Eco data centre Sweden

World’s first climate-positive data centre utilising on-site power

26/02/2015 The Swedish mining city of Falun has become home to the first ‘climate positi...

Burlington Hydro in microturbine cogen demo

24/02/2015 A portable natural gas-fuelled microturbine cogeneration plant is set for ins...

Canadian waste heat study finds scope for development

24/02/2015 A study of industrial sites in Canada’s Edmonton area shows enough waste heat...
Manchester City Football Club’s new £200m training ground

Manchester City mulls building own power station

23/02/2015 Manchester City Football Club’s new £200m training ground is consuming so muc...
Peel Energy biomass plant

£70m biomass plant postponed in Manchester

23/02/2015 Peel Energy has opted to temporarily halt a plan to build a £70m biomass powe...

Scottish government grant to bolster Aberdeen district heating

20/02/2015 A city heating network operating in the Scottish city of Aberdeen has been aw...

Advances in adsorption cooling showcased

20/02/2015 German cleantech company InvenSor is presenting a new adsorption chiller with...

BRIC stationary gas engine markets – China to lead the pack

17/02/2015 Propelled into prominence in the early 2000s, the BRIC acronym refers to Braz...
Oradea Cris river

GE contributes to modernisation of Romania’s district heating networks

17/02/2015 Romania’s efforts to improve its old district heating networks has seen it ca...

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