Cogeneration, also known as Combined Heat & Power (CHP), is an inherently high-efficiency family of technologies to use fossil or renewable fuels to supply energy locally. Heat, power and cooling energy can be supplied to users ranging from individual homes up to large industrial sites and even areas of cities.

Cogeneration/CHP Latest News

Small is beautiful

21/05/2015 Denmark has recently seen a growing number of cogeneration units installed in...

Advanced controls as a competitive advantage

21/05/2015 A German CHP plant was looking for innovative ways to generate power more eff...

Energy efficiency under the Energy Union

21/05/2015 The energy efficiency sector looks to supporters of the Energy Union to chang...

CHP modelling for grid stability

21/05/2015 With an increasing share of local generation on European grids, new grid code...

Optimism for CHP grows in North America

21/05/2015 Could the CHP and wider distributed generation industries of the US be in for...

My local bakery and trade show exhibitors

21/05/2015 Patience and friendliness are generally seen as good attitudes. Agitation in ...
Alain Castro CEO Ener-Core

Ener-Core’s USP offers tantalising motives for power generators

21/05/2015 While there is no shortage of players involved in the destruction of carbon e...
GE Marienfelde project

Berlin CHP microgrid project operational

21/05/2015 GE, in partnership with Kofler Energies and Belectric, has commissioned a new...

Cat video wins award

21/05/2015 Caterpillar Energy Solutions says it received an international intermedia-glo...

Multiple fuel cell projects in the pipeline

19/05/2015 Plans to deploy fuel cell technology around the world are getting more ambiti...

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