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Cogeneration & On-Site Power Production focuses on the clean and highly-efficient generation of power through decentralized generation, and combined heat and power for an industrial, utility and governmental readership. The magazine is published in association with the World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE).



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WADE Africa Launched – WADE Joins Africa Gas Association in its Inaugural Meeting


With natural gas development holding tremendous opportunity for broader economic and social development

Modernising CHP: Upgrading Kodak's giant industrial park plant

21/11/2013 More than a year after President Obama set a goal to see 40 GW of new industrial-scale CHP capacity installed in the US, we are still waiting to see some results, i.e. some major new plants being c...

Making gensets greener and leaner


The (reciprocating) diesel generator set market remains fast growing and vibrant, representing the fastest selling and least expensive of the distributed generation technologies available.

Coal to CHP Michigan shows how it can be done


The US state of Michigan is best known as home to Detroit, an auto manufacturing giant now infamous for its economic decline.

Hydrogen-fueled: CHP now on the horizon


Hydrogen as a cogeneration fuel has yet to develop the market acceptance enjoyed by natural gas and diesel-fueled applications.

Report bodes well for combined heat and power


Combined heat and power and carbon capture and storage technologies will help push the generation of the global thermal power market to 19,869.1 TWh by 2020, according to new data.

Lighting up the dark contınent with decentralized energy


Over the years Africa has become known as the dark continent, largely because of the mystery surrounding this vast land mass.

Resource efficiency reaches the Middle East

21/11/2013 Might the Middle East – led by Saudi Arabia and other oil-producing states – eventually emerge as a significant new market for cogeneration and, perhaps, wider decentralised energy technologies?